Feature Cover Friday

New Reads


This week’s #FrontCoverFriday comes to you from Y Lolfa! I’m very excited that they’ve sent me these three books to review. So this post is part cover feature, part check out my (work) to be read list!

This will also be the first time I’ll review books in Welsh, and although somewhat nervous I’m looking forward and thankful to the opportunity to.

Dadeni by Ifan Morgan Jones
A Welsh language book, where an archaeologist is consulted when there is a theft from the Tower of London. It’s been described as a fantasy and likened to Dan Brown so looking forward to what this reveals about Welsh history.
“Mae’r ddau’n wynebu ras yn erbyn amser i ddod o hyd i grair dinistriol a all newid cyfeiriad hanes y genedl” – fy hoff fath o ras, mae’n swnio’n gyffrous iawn.

Gwales by Catrin Dafydd.
The second Welsh language book, Gwales is a dystopian featuring a revolution…
I’ve heard some great things about Catrin Dafydd, I’ve come across some of her English language work in my secret double life; so I’m very much looking forward to this. To be honest, they had me at dystopia.
“Mae Brynach Yang am orffen popeth. Ac mae’n mynd i’w wneud e. Heno.”

An Empty Chair by Haf Llewelyn.
Originally written in Welsh, which is taught on the Welsh Language GCSE syllabus; An Empty Chair is a Young Adult book about the Welsh First World War poet Hedd Wyn.
I’ve started this just this afternoon and I’ve already filled a whole page of notes for my review; I want to start gushing about how poetic and emotive the prose is but I shall endeavour to restrain myself.
” ‘Don’t give up on the poem.’ Tada tries so hard to keep his voice light. ‘We could do with a new chair here, Ellis!’ But no one laughs: we know there’ll be one empty place around the table now with Ellis gone. Tada can’t say another word.”


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