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Book Review: A Divided River by Christian Ellingsen

I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway.


A Divided River contains a short story (The Mudlarks Tale) and a novella (The Winter Fayre) set in the city of Vasini; the two are companions to Ellingsen’s series The Vasini Chronicles but do not contain the main characters from the series.

The Mudlarks Tale is the story of Ned and his discovery of a mysterious chain.

The Winter Fayre features a kaleidoscope of characters through a day in Vasini – the first day of the Winter Fayre. Intrigue ensues as their stories brush past each other on the ice.

These stories are well paced and compelling; I’m eager to learn more about what drives this city and its occupants! They hint at some great world-building, with characters I’ve been left feeling concerned for.

Ellingsen’s writing is concentrated and to the point; the prose isn’t overly descriptive yet he manages to convey effectively the city and its inhabitants. The stories are evocative in their simplicity; Ned’s desperation, and the excitement of the fayre, are tangible.

If you would like to read this lovely insight into the world of Vasini, A Divided River is available here



7 thoughts on “Book Review: A Divided River by Christian Ellingsen

  1. I just wanted to say that I’m loving this blog. Especially the Strongholds post this far. I can’t wait for more. And for my blog to be up and running again lol

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    1. Aw Tom thank you so much!
      I’m annoyed with myself at coming to this party so late, otherwise I could have been joined in with you lot back when you were the writing people!


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