State of My ARC: Sept Issue

To further my adventures in book blogging, I’m attempting a “blog link up”.

Let’s take a deep breathe, I’m sure we can work this out together

So, Evelina over at Avalinah’s Books has started a series of posts called State of the ARC.
The idea behind the post (and future posts) is to keep track of your To Be Read list, Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and to provide motivation for the reviewers taking part to tackle these lists.

My reasoning for joining in are threefold:
1. Shits
2. Giggles
3. I love a Good Pun

Let’s dive in!

Firstly, let’s talk about ARCs (as the post name suggests) and what I like to think of as my “Work” TBR.

I receive books to review from Y Lolfa (Welsh publishing house), Netgalley, and I am currently accepting requests through my blog, twitter or goodreads.

Already, Evelina’s plan is working! I had been starting to panic somewhat at this growing list; seeing other bloggers’ much larger lists, however, has made me feel so much better.

I am currently reading Gwales; difficult to know what percentage I am through it as it isn’t on goodreads and I am abysmal at maths. But I can spell abysmal so I figure you can’t be good at everything, right?
Back to Gwales, I am trying to get it read and reviewed ASAP as it’s being launched on the 28th September, but I am struggling somewhat with the level of Welsh in some parts of it. Dadeni is also from Y Lolfa and I’m hoping that’s an easier read!

The Golden House and Writers of the Future are both from Netgalley, and so are in digital format. I’ve made a start on The Golden House and I am so far enjoying the style of writing very much.

Rounding off my selection of published works is The Summerlark Elf by Brandon Draga, which I’m looking forward to as it’s been some time since I’ve read anything with elves in.

I’m also beta reading a chapter a week of work by A. Z. Anthony, and kind of proof reading/editing a work in progress by a friend, Thomas Goodyear.



Hubby and I each have a shelf on our bookcases specifically for our TBR, and above is a selection of mine. So to be clear, these are books that I’ve bought and haven’t got round to reading yet; this doesn’t include new books I’ve heard of and want to purchase.

My stairs aren’t big enough for that list.

When I decided to start reviewing the books I was reading, I did not counter for the sudden lack of time I would have to dedicate to books I personally wanted to read. And I’m still unsure how I’ll get round to reading these. Do I call a hiatus? Stop accepting books for a set period of time? I always get new books for Christmas and my birthday (a mere sixteen days after Christmas) so I am toying with the idea of taking a break from accepting books from November through to March… answers on postcards very welcome.

I would particularly like to get round to reading Dawnthief again.
I bought Dawnthief way back in 2005, when I was 18, because it was purple, and the edges were purple, and ooh look there’s a series of them and they’re each a different colour that is so funky.
I bought three or four of them, read Dawnthief the first in the series, and discovered that amongst the ones I purchased I somehow had not purchased the second in the series.
It has taken me twelve years to remedy this. TWELVE. And even then, I didn’t remedy it, hubby did. For Christmas. And he managed to get the missing books in the same cover designs (he’s fallen foul of my OCD before), so bonus points.

Finally, each month I have a book to read for my book club. We meet on the first Saturday of each month, so in preparation for October’s meet I need to read Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder; I’ll be leaving this until closer to the meeting though, so as it’s fresh in my mind.

And there you have it. The current State of my ARCs. If you have any advice on juggling books or adding more hours to the day I would love to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “State of My ARC: Sept Issue

  1. How in the world do you keep up with all that reading? That’s insane! Major props for tackling that. Meanwhile, I’m averaging about a book a month.

    P.S. Beautiful book stacking there!

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  2. I LOVE your reasons! 😀 thanks for joining! Don’t forget to visit Di who’s the only other person on the list 😀
    A good post 🙂 it’s very interesting that you’re reading Welsh ones! I was wondering about that name, but then it started making more sense when you said it’s Welsh 😀
    I’m so glad it motivated you! Hopefully it will help you keep going. I’m planning the next linkup in the last week of September.
    Also, how are you liking The Golden House?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I visited the other blogs but I’ll double check now.
      I’m enjoying The Golden House! I’m struggling with the Welsh book I’m reading (it’s about a revolution, there’s a lot of politics in it so the Welsh is quite difficult), so the Rushdie was like a salve!
      It’s certainly motivated me to really look at my ARCs !


      1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it then. And that’s too bad, politics can be tough and boring in any language, but especially in one that’s… yeah, do you actually speak it a lot with.. anyone? I’m so curious how much daily usage you actually get of it. After all, you probably speak English most of the time? Or do you use Welsh a lot with the family?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll use English with my husband, but I try and speak a balance of English and Welsh with my children. I speak English with my parents but I speak Welsh a lot with my grandmother and other family members. I have certain friends who I always speak Welsh with too. When I was working i used it a lot, my last job was in a vets booking TB tests for farmers and I used it a LOT 😂


      3. That’s so crazy and interesting! Sounds very cool, actually. Over here in Lithuania we also have an old ‘unofficial’ language (it doesn’t really have a written form, so it’s just spoken… Welsh has a written form as far as I know, right?) So people have still started using it more, even on Facebook as well, which is really nice. We have some roots it hat region, and my mom can understand it and sort of speak it, but I’m not sure I’d even understand it xD I was born in the capital myself.


  3. I’m thinking about joining in on State of the ARC at the next link up, but I may be overwhelmed by the numbers. i may actually just have to quit my job and read full time (I wish).

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  4. Ahhh, the balance between blog reading and your own personal TBR is so real! You will find a balance! I’ve been requesting and accepting a lot less books lately which really helps because I definitely can’t let my TBR beast be left alone for any serious length of time!

    I see Uprooted in your pile! I loved that one!

    Good luck with everything and I hope you’ve had a great month so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I need it xD i was determined to get my “work” tbr down but I’ve found myself reading an unexpected personal one instead, that was even on this list! That’s what happens when husband is buying LotR cards on book depository and asks “hey what was that book you really wanted?” 😂


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