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I have been tagged in another thing!
Thank you to the lovely Justine over at I Should Read That for tagging me; Autumn is my favourite season, and this tag seems lots of fun ^_^

The Rules

  • Please link back to me, Bionic Book Worm, as the creator of this tag!! I want to see your answers!!
  • Use the graphics – if you want 🙂
  • Have fun!

The Questions



Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself * may not, in the literal sense, be fresh or new. But I remember feeling, when I first read it, that I’d never read anything like it before. I’d never read characters with that level of depth and assurance. Looking at the trilogy and character arcs as a whole, I’d never been tripped up by my genre expectations before. Yeah I’m talking about Bayaz. I’ll just leave that there.



Now how can I answer this question in any detail?
I can say without a doubt that the end of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time blew me away… but I don’t want to explain why and spoil it for you!
I tell you what, go away and read it, then come back to me and we can rave about it together.



Do any other bloggers worry they talk about the same old books all the time? Or always refer to the most recent books they’ve read?
I’ve had a good think over this question but I genuinely can’t think of a more action packed book than the most recent one I read; Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns. The action started immediately, and didn’t actually stop. It was so fast paced, I struggled to put it down. Yet the quality of the writing didn’t suffer at all from a narrative packed with action; Lawrence’s prose is poetic, he utilises his language so efficiently, it leaves you wondering at the different levels of meanings.


I feel like there are so many books I want to read at the moment. I presume if we really look at the semantics of the question, ‘anticipated‘ implies that it is something that is probable, something I will be reading in the near future. So lets at least look at my personal To Be Read list, rather than my wishlist. 
Although thinking about it, I have just last night had two books get upgraded from wish list to physical to be read list! (Yes, I’m cheating. Why break a tradition I’m beginning to build on list posts)

And so I give you Peter V Brett’s The Painted Man and Anna Stephens’ Godblind.
Brett’s Demon Cycle is something I’ve been recently hearing great things about, and I’m questioning why it’s only recently I’m coming across this author?! These books sound amazing. The human race has been hunted to the brink of extinction. I need these in my life.
Then Godblind! This book has been all over my Twitter as an outstanding debut novel. I never used to be one to follow the hype, when I was young and thought I was special; now I’m (hopefully) wiser and can see that if everyone is talking about a book it’s for a good reason.



This is a difficult question… I don’t generally tend to read “warm” and “fuzzy” books…
I think one of the most emotional books I’ve read recently is

Sir Terry Pratchett’s The Shepherd’s Crown.

(If you’re playing Beth’s Blog Bingo, here’s your “Mentions the Discworld” square…)
This book floored me, emotionally, on so many levels.
To begin with, it had been a while since I’d read a Discworld book, and reading this felt like coming home. Everything was familiar, and I knew everyone, and we were all so happy to see each other again.
But a Certain Thing happened which… well it fucking happened didn’t it. And I coped fine with it. Until Someone Else said a line and I couldn’t hold it together anymore and I bawled.
And all the while reading it, whilst enjoying it, there was every now and again a niggle that something didn’t feel right. That it wasn’t up to the usual scratch that I was used to with a Discworld novel. I got to the end. I read Rob’s note. And I crumpled all over again.
I’m not sure how successfully I’ve answered this question, whether I’ve selected something that left me feeling warm and fuzzy, or bereft and grieving… Let’s move quickly on shall we?




Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
It’s huge and red!
I trailed my shelves and came across a couple of novels whose covers fit the brief for this question, but it occurred to me that this book feels autumnal on the inside too. When I picture scenes in this book my imagination’s weatherman conjures mists, and drizzle, and damp autumnal forests.

You’re it!

Now I have to tag people…
Please don’t feel obliged to participate; and alternatively if I haven’t tagged you but you’d like to join in, please do so! (Give me a shout so I can read your choices!)

Tom – Tom Writes Stuff
Arbie – Arbie Krae
Jill – Jill Jemmett
Evalina – Avalinah’s Books
Zezee – Zezee With Books
Marianna – Marianna Reads

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11 thoughts on “The Fall Book Tag

  1. Bayaz!!

    There are so many books I need to read on this list. I’ve been meaning to get to Children of Time (which is on my shelf as we speak), Godblind, Jonathan Strange, AND all of Terry Pratchett. These are great answers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure you answered the warm and fuzzy question very well xD if that’s what warm and fuzzy means in your life then you must be made of steel to be able to cope with that 😀 but I also don’t tend to read warm books. I probably should. I hear it’s good for you! Hah. As if I’d know.
    Your photos are beautiful 🙂
    Oh, and my copy of Strange and Norell is actually black! I’ve tried time and again to get into it, but couldn’t. It makes me immensely sad ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry I’m so late but thanks for tagging me! 😊 I also worry about using the same books over n over in a tag but it’s usually recent reads that readily come to mind when I do a tag.

    Liked by 1 person

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