State of My ARC: Oct Issue

Welcome to my second State of the ARC post!

This “meme” (or is it a “tag”? My blog jargon is slowly, barely perceptibly, improving) was created last month by Avalinah’s Books. At the start of each month, we evaluate what state our “to be read” lists are in.
You can catch up on Evelina’s mountain of ARCs (advance reader copies) here.
She’s also started a sort of Reviewer’s Anonymous Support Group over on Goodreads (which I haven’t had a chance to explore fully yet).

In last month’s State of My ARC, I expressed my hopes that this meme would be a source of motivation for me to get reading my review copies. Let’s see how that panned out shall we?

“Work” TBR (The “ARCs” bit as the title suggests)

I managed to read one and gain two… On the face of things, that doesn’t quite balance out; but the two I gained were requested of me, so the feeling of being flattered has put a wonderful shine on my growing list.

I am currently reading Dadeni for Y Lolfa. My plan had been to read it immediately after Gwales, as it is also Welsh language; but Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns distracted me, and then I needed to read Emma Donoghue’s The Wonder ready for my book club (which meeting got cancelled anyway)… So it got pushed back slightly but I’m back on track now! So far it’s easier than what I found Gwales to be, it’s a different kind of book entirely.

The two newbies to my list are S. C Flynn’s The Hidden Face which is being released on 25th November (so I’ll probably get this one read after Dadeni so I can ensure I have my review prepared in time); and Paul J. Newell’s Altered States, an interesting sounding thriller revolving around the psychology behind lie tests and being able to read minds.

My personal TBR


Unfortunately something similar has happened to this list; thanks to the Grim Gathering (where I picked up The Painted Man and Godblind) and Book Shop Day (where I picked up Random Deaths and Custard, The Ninth Rain, Dracula and King Of Thorns) this list has ballooned (The Hunger Games, Temeraire and Dawnthief are representatives of their series as a whole). However, I was able to read a book out of choice/pleasure in the last month; Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns.  And it was such a relief to read something I’d been wanting to read for ages!

Dracula is included on this list when actually this book is for this month’s book club. I was so pleased that this was the book drawn, as it means I may now also take part in Hashtag Victober! (I know, another Book Twitter “thing”. Apparently the “thing” this month is to read a piece of Victorian literature. I’m not sure where this started or why, but I guess it brightens things up somewhat)
It’s one of those books – one I’ve always wanted to read yet somehow still haven’t. And people say, “How have you not read Dracula?!” like I’ve purposefully avoided it or something. It’s my book equivalent of Blade Runner (I know I know shut up, husband promises we’ll see it soon).

Wait, there’s more? Not another bloody list Beth?!


Yep, this month, I have a new bloody list.

The lovely Wendy White has started a writing group in my town of Kidwelly, literally just down the road. So I figured I’d join, and maybe take this “I want to write a book” thing more seriously. Whereas the success of this meme’s motivational powers upon my ARC list is questionable, the success of just one session with the writing group has been huge. The list pictured above is my research material for the historical fiction I have in mind to possibly write.

I’ve even applied for a Professional Development opportunity with Literature Wales! That was a little nerve wracking. I had to write a cover letter. It’s been about six and a half years since I had to write one of those!

To summarise: I now have three lists instead of two. The two I had previously have grown.


This month I shall be working on getting through my ARCs in order to be able to get through my TBR without feeling guilty. Whilst also researching (seeing as most of the history books need to be back in the library by the 19th…)

Wish me luck guys!

12 thoughts on “State of My ARC: Oct Issue

    1. Thank you Carol! It’s hard going, I haven’t found very much about the figure I want to write about, but plenty about medieval Wales … Hoping it will all tie in somehow 😂


  1. Found your blog via the twitter thread appreciating book bloggers. I did the first month’s State of the ARC but flunked out of last month’s feature but I’ll be joining up again at the end of this month!

    Good luck with that TBR! I think we all have a cery similar problem (more in than out!!!!!!!). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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