State of my Arc: Dec Issue

Happy Best Month of the Year guys!

For any newcomers, State of the ARC is a monthly meme thingy hosted by Avalinah’s Books. We motivate and support each other to get through those lengthy TBRs (To Be Read piles) and knock out those reviews. You can catch up with how our host is doing here, or you can join us in our Goodreads community group ARCs Anonymous

This month has been a good one!
I’m feeling on top of my reading lists for the first time in quite a while. Lets find out why shall we?


ARCs and review requests

Check it out! That line up is looking pretty different; since last month, I have read and reviewed

Dadeni by Ifan Morgan-Jones
The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn
The Summerlark Elf by Brandon Draga

Reading in the Welsh language was definitely slowing me down; it took me quite a while to get through Dadeni (through no fault of its own) but once I had finished it I really felt my flow return (and I was quite relieved!)

New books on the list are Mercury’s Son by Luke Hindmarsh, Dark Territory by Jerry Hunter (sent to me by the lovely Fflur from Y Lolfa, diolch yn fawr, very much looking forward to diving into this Hist Fic) and THE BITTER TWINS by Jen Williams.
I’m slightly excited by that last one. It’s once I’ve requested on Netgalley, as I’ve been wanting to read her books for ages and The Ninth Rain has been sat on my shelf calling me for far too long.
Shall I reward myself for good ARC behaviour with allowing myself to read one from my wishlist? Answers on a postcard


Personal TBR


As you can see, there’s no change here. In fact, I’ve used the same image from last month because why the hell not. Hopefully, there’ll be more added to it by next month because Christmas! Yay! Hence why I have closed my blog to review requests (I cannot say no to people, so I’ve bitten the bullet and asked that they stop asking).

There are some on here I’m almost feeling a physical ache to read: The Ninth Rain (because it sounds so very far up my street), East of the Sun West of the Moon (because I started reading it when it arrived, just out of curiosity, and it was incredibly beautiful) and Nine Parts Bluster (because I beta read for A. Z. Anthony and adore his writing ^_^)

That Writing Malarkey

So I haven’t done anything more on this scene lately, not since Weird and Wonderful Wales; and to be honest, I’m a bit stumped as to how to progress. My Work In Progress has failed to progress as I’m at a loss as to where to go next with it. I have the idea that the best thing to do would be to sit down, write what comes to me and see where it takes me. But there always seems to be an excuse not to.

Talking of Weird and Wonderful Wales, I’m thinking of publishing on here the pieces I wrote… I’d have to check permissions first I guess. They’ll be displayed on the website, probably in the new year! Eek!

4 thoughts on “State of my Arc: Dec Issue

    1. I only published this post on Monday lol, I was late this month! Lots of great books on that list I’m desperate to read but I’m trying to be a good reviewer and find a balance. Now I have less review requests building up I feel better about working through my “want” list 😂


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