2017 Wrap Up

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Hi everyone and welcome to my end of year wrap up post! 

My 2017

Well 2017 has been quite the year! Internationally it has been a disaster, but for me personally it’s been quite the adventure.

I think it all began back in May, when I read Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time. I was consumed by this book, and found Twitter a great (and responsive) place to air my views. Everything spiraled somewhat from there. I began reviewing the books I was reading on Goodreads, and started to get more involved in the book community on Twitter. I had no idea how big and welcoming it all was. Erin over at Bluestocking Bookworm was one of the first friends I made, and helped me begin this book blogging business here on wordpress and over on instagram, and told me all about Netgalley. Thank you so much for all your advice and patience!

In July, I started this blog; and that’s when things started to get super busy. I began receiving requests to write reviews from authors, and I was chuffed to bits when Welsh publisher Y Lolfa got in touch and asked if I’d review books for them!

Thanks to the active book blogging community, I discovered some fantastic new authors this year. Suddenly, my list of books I wanted to read was getting out of control as I discovered authors on Twitter sharing and supporting each other and spreading awareness of some incredible fantasy and sci-fi. Authors such as Mark Lawrence, Peter V Brett, Anna Stephens, Jen Williams, Jackie Morris, R J Barker, Ed McDonald, Anna Smith, Sam Sykes, Elizabeth May, Brandon Draga, A. Z. Anthony… I’ve either bought, downloaded, or received as christmas presents so many of their books this year, and am looking forward to hopefully actually being able to read them in the new year!

So what did I read this year?
A lot more than I realised!

There were a couple I DNF (did not finish); I found the Sebastian Faulks one dragged, and other than something about an island, I’m not entirely sure what happened in it. There was also Bubblegum, and that had so many issues with it I just found myself getting more and more annoyed the more I read. Although I did read all of Ready Player One it’s probably my least favourite out of all the books I read this year.
My highlights included The Wonder, which featured incredible writing (I wrote a review for this but never got round to posting it); Not Thomas, which again was well written, powerful and moving; The Buried Giant for the twists it took me round; Prince of Thorns for its unique prose, I cannot wait to read more by Mark Lawrence. My overall favourite has to be Children of Time; the world building, the science, the characters… my review (gibbering raving) can be found here.

What will 2018 hold?


As you can see, I was spoilt absolutely rotten for Christmas, and I’m hoping 2018 will afford me a chance to read them all. I’ve almost finished The Copper Promise, after I’ve finished the trilogy, I have The Ninth Rain waiting patiently on my shelf, and The Bitter Twins gracing my Netgalley. So January is going to be a great big Jen Williams fest.

I still have books waiting for review, including an exciting one from A. Z Anthony and an historical fiction from Y Lolfa. I’ll also be beta reading, and taking part in something fun with The Middle Shelf. I’m very much looking forward to the launch of The Fantasy Hive; they’ll be continuing the Tough Travels section, hopefully I’ll be able to get my tough travelling posts done more on time!

I also hope to be doing more writing this year. The creative piece I wrote for Literature Wales will be published on their Land of Legends site in the new year. That was an amazing experience, and so motivating. I’d love to be involved in more writing programmes like this, so will be keeping my eyes peeled. What I would truly love to do is an MA in creative writing, but at the moment I can’t quite see the feasibility or affordability.

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and to thank you all for reading and supporting.

I think it’s easy to shrug this off as “just my blog” and not to take it too seriously, but as a creative outlet it’s so important to me, and knowing others are reading and responding is so very humbling.

Here’s to another year of blogger friendships, gif conversations, and great laughs: have you heard an american say the words “space ghetto”? No? See here.

Thank you | Diolch

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P.S Hopefully 2018 will feature more wine in teacups

13 thoughts on “2017 Wrap Up

  1. Happy new year – sounds like a great 2017 and I look forward to collaborating on that Sekrit Projekt with The Middle Shelf! I’m definitely starting 2018 by catching up on 2017 – Age of Assassins is teetering near the top of my TBR…

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  2. Happy New Year, Bethan! 2017 was quite a year, huh? It looks like you read some incredible books. Here’s to making 2018 even better!

    It’s been an absolute joy to work with you. Here’s to hoping for snow in your corner of Wales!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha okay, good to know – I’m not too bad with spiders so I should be fine. I absolutely love the experience of reading a great book that is unlike anything I’ve read before – so I’m really look forward to picking it up now!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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