Editorial Services


Welcome to my Editorial Services page and thank you for popping round.

Apologies, but I am not currently taking any new editorial clients as I do not have any remaining availability over the coming months.

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference to your manuscript; whether you’re looking for some perspective at the development stage, or if it’s otherwise ready for submission but you want to make sure all those pesky typos are caught.

How I can help you will depend entirely on what stage of writing you’re at; and with that in mind, I will happily have a free, no-obligation discussion with you based upon a sample of your work and how I feel I can help.

My prices are calculated per word; you may send your entire manuscript if you require, or I can focus on certain sections of your work you feel require attention. I am flexible and I’m sure that together we can both work out what service best suits you.

As a guide I will charge around £300 for proofreading only, or £420 for copy editing a manuscript of 120,000 words.

20% discount for authors taking part in SPFBO!

My preferred genre to work with is fantasy, it’s where I feel I can offer the most expertise. However I will consider science-fiction and historical-fiction also; if you send me a sample I can determine whether I feel it’s an area I’m well suited to contribute to.

For further details on the services I provide, and recommendations from current clients, please see below. To discuss working with me, please get in touch:





I will check through your finished manuscript for any spelling mistakes and inconsistencies. This will include spelling, punctuation and grammar errors (typos, misspelling etc), and ensuring continuity and consistency in your spelling and language.




In addition to providing the proofreading services outlined above, I will provide feedback on what is and isn’t working within your story. I’ll check the clarity and readability of your writing style, and suggest amendments or revisions I feel will help develop your story.




“I’ve worked with Bethan on multiple occasion now. As an editor, she is prompt and insightful, with a careful, guiding hand that has yet to lead me astray.”

A. Z. Anthony, author of Servant of Rage

“As I am a non native speaker, Bethan has provided me a much needed service in getting the sentences just right. Her feedback on my stories has also been invaluable, helping me to see problems in a new light to solve them.”

Celia Neri

“Bethan is a joy to work with – which is really saying something when you consider the fact she’s there to have difficult conversations with you about your manuscript. Her critique challenges you as a writer to think beyond your comfort zone, and cheers you on when you hit the mark. 10/10 would work with again.”

Michael Everest

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bethan for some time and she has never steered me wrong. She manages to see through the rough draft to the work beneath, uncovering my novel the way an artist uncovers a sculpture from a block of marble.”

Thomas Goodyear