Tough Travelling: Apprentices

It's another new month, and so it's time for another new Tough Travelling. If you're new to my blog, around the first of each month we travel through fantasy tropes with The Fantasy Hive; listing our favourite examples of each trope as outlined by Diana Wynne Jones' The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. This month, we're looking… Continue reading Tough Travelling: Apprentices


Tough Travelling: Elves

Welcome to another month's Tough Travelling, this time with Elves! Tough Travelling is a monthly feature, which has a new home over at the (very swish) Fantasy Hive (hence the new graphic...) Shall we see what The Tough Guide to Fantasyland has to say on the subject? “Elves claim to have been the first people in Fantasyland.… Continue reading Tough Travelling: Elves


Tough Travelling: Mentors and Snarky Sidekicks

Hello everyone and welcome to Tough Travelling! Every month, we go on our travels through Fantasyland with Fantasy Faction, exploring a different fantasy trope as defined by Dianna Wynne Jones in her Tough Guide to Fantasyland. I managed to miss November's theme, Mentors, and I'm a bit late with this month's theme, Snarky Sidekicks; and so… Continue reading Tough Travelling: Mentors and Snarky Sidekicks

Feature Cover Friday

Feature Friday: The Art of the Discworld

All this week I've been taking part in the #GollanczFest Challenge; a daily photo challenge to ultimately win a lot of books. At the end of the week, I'll provide you all with a write up, including my pictures and my reasoning behind my choices. Today's part of the challenge was "Your favourite signed book". I… Continue reading Feature Friday: The Art of the Discworld


Tough Travelling: Dragons

On the first day each month, Fantasy Faction take a tour of a particular fantasy trope. Last month was Strongholds, this month it's Dragons! Inspiration for each trope comes from Diana Wynn Jones' The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. Accordingly; The Tough Guide advises that Dragons are ‘very large scaly beings with wings and long spiky tails, capable of… Continue reading Tough Travelling: Dragons